Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Cool Cobbs

Here we have two of my favorite Ty Cobb cards to talk about.

The first one is the 1909 E101 Anonymous "Set of 50".  The manufacturer is unknown as nothing is written on the card to tell us who produced the set.  This is one of Cobb's earliest cards and along with a few others it can be considered a rookie card for the Georgia Peach.
This is my favorite pose of all of Cobb's cards and it is shared in the E102 "Set of 25" and the E92 sets.  The E101 is my favorite of the three.  The E101 and the E102 can be called a rookie card.

Cobb was a powerhouse at the plate in 1909 leading in several batting categories such as batting average, hits, runs scored, total bases, home runs and RBIs.

This example (a PSA 2) sold at auction for $2,643.75.

As you can see from the back of the card, the writing ends with a comma as if businesses at the time were meant to finish the text with their own words and add their logo or business name at the bottom of the cards.  However, I have never seen an example of an E101 with the sentence completed or with a business added to the back. 
According to Peter Calderon's website,, (an excellent site for those of you just getting into caramel cards) E101's are not that difficult to come by in relation to other caramel sets. 


The next card I wanted to share with you is Ty's 1910 D380 Clement Bros. card.  This card is not seen very often.  All D380s are tough to come by as they are extremely rare.  This example sold at auction a few years ago for $17,400. 

They were regionally issued in the Rochester N.Y. area contributing to their rarity.  Personally, I like the set, even though it is a black and white set.  There are five Hall of Famers in this set including, Chief Bender, Ty Cobb, Eddie Collins, Addie Joss and Joe Tinker.  Several of the poses are the same as is used in the E90-1 set including this Cobb

There are two types of D380's.  The 1909 set has only eight players and they are all from the Rochester club.  They are all portraits in an oval frame with the player's name, position and team captioned at the bottom.  The 1910 set has twenty two players including both major leaguers and members of the Rochester club again and these are in rectangular frames like this Cobb example.  They also have the player's name, position and team in the caption at the bottom of the card.  The ad on the back of the cards is the same for both years. 
Many collectors have never seen this card due to it's rarity.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it if it's your first time. 

Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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