Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ugly Babes

George Herman "Babe" Ruth was well known the world over.

It was because if this that there were many different cards of him issued over the years, both from the US and from several other countries as well.

Now, for a guy who was so well known, and so darn popular, why did he have so many cards that were just such horrible depictions of him? I mean seriously, look at these examples guys.

The first card I'd like to look at is his R377 Eclipse Import from 1933.

Now, I hear ya, this whole set it completely full of bad artwork, and some people like that part of it (I guess), but couldn't they of at least made him look like he was wearing pants instead of looking like a grandpa in his pj's with a blanket over his lap?

And what's up with his hand? It looks completely flattened and useless. He's not chowin' on any hotdogs with that thing

He really looks like he's about two minutes from passing away on this card. I'm just sayin'.

Here is another example that I think falls a bit short of truely representing the Great Bambino as he should be remembered.

This one is his 1923 German Baseball Transfer issue. Here he looks like a pudgy little bat boy. Honestly, he looks like he can't be a day over 8 years old and just finished filming a scene in The Sandlot or something.

Now, this last one is by far the best. This is a 1949 JK 5 Tohoku Karuta (Japanese Issue) Babe Ruth card.

Every time I see this card I laugh.

He's apparently lost his teeth and has that empty mouth look where his lower lip is pushed out like a kid who is whining about something.

Plus, according to the Japanese back then he was a blond and had matching yellow eyes.

The remarkable thing about this horrible drawing is that is unmistakably the Babe. So as bad as it is, he really was an odd looking guy and still somehow resembled this chicken scratch artwork.

Well, I just wanted to show all of you some of the worst images of The Sultan of Swat that I can remember seeing on a baseball card. Hopefully you enjoy them as mush as I do.

Enjoy the hobby all, it's a fantastic one...