Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recent Pick Ups - '66 Topps

I'm working on several postwar sets and trying to get into trading with other collectors while pursuing them. 

In the last month I've picked up a several new 1966 Topps and wanted to just show a few of the highlights of my recent pickups. 

I was very happy to get these key cards out of the way early on in my quest for this set.  I've had the Mickey Mantle for years already.  While picking up small lots of cards I'm also looking out for the other key cards.  I still need the Willie Mays, Pete Rose, Gaylord Perry and Sandy Koufax, but those won't be too difficult to pick up.  Well, the Perry might be a little harder to come by as it's a SP high number and the last card in the set.

I'm looking for these cards in collector grade so that keeps the price down which works or me.  If you can help me out let me know.  You can see my wantlists if you click the link in the right sidebar of my blog near the top. 

Enjoy the hobby all...it's a great one.

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