Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1920 W520 Strip Cards

The 1920 W520 set is one of my favorite strip sets of the twenties.

I wanted to share my W520's with you so here is a little about the set and images of the cards I have so far. 

Strip cards were issued in strips of uncut cards on thick paper.  They were meant to be cut apart by the collector into individual cards and because of this they rarely get a numerical grade by a third party grader.  They are usually labelled as Authentic or Hand Cut. 

Also, due to the nature of being hand cut as opposed to being cut by a machine at the printers shop, they can come with some pretty terrible edges.  Many times you'll find them torn apart and not even cut with scissors. 

The W520 set has twenty cards in it with nineteen players (Zach Wheat is pictured twice).  The first ten cards are portraits (number 10, Benny Kauff, is actually a waist up shot of Benny holding a bat) while the second ten cards are all full body action shots.  The backgrounds are all solid colors.  One of the reasons I like the set so much is because of how colorful it is.  The cards look great all next to each other. 

Here are the cards that I have in the set.  Note that the Zach Wheat portrait is actually a W522.

The W522 set is the exact same set as the W520 except the card numbers start at 31 and go to 50 while the W520 set starts at 1 and goes to 20.  My Wheat is number 33 and is therefore a W522 instead of W520.  I picked it up as a place holder until I can find his matching W520. 

I don't see these cards come up for sale that often so I haven't added any to my collection in quite a while.  I keep my eyes out for them though.  If you have any you would like to sell, please let me know and we'll see if we can work it out. 

Here is a checklist of the W520 set along with the W522 checklist matched up to it.  I borrowed this from  I highly recommend the site, it's a great place for prewar card lovers.

Card # Player W522
Card #

1 Bancroft 40
2 Mathewson 39
3 Larry Doyle 38
4 Jess Barnes 37
5 Fletcher 36
6 Cooper 35
7 Gonzales (Gonzalez) 34
8 Zach Wheat 33
9 Tris Speaker 32
10 Benny Kauff 31
11 Zach Wheat 50
12 Phil Douglas 49
13 Babe Ruth 48
14 Koveleski (Coveleski) 47
15 Goldie Rapp 46
16 Pol Perritt 45
17 Otto Miller 44
18 George Kelly 43
19 Mike Gonzales (Gonzalez) 42
20 Les Nunamaker 41

Enjoy the hobby all...It's a fantastic one.

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