Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hunt Auctions at FanFest

I saw a cool video of David Hunt of Hunt Auctions talking about some of the items in the Auction at FanFest.

This was a cool short video of David Hunt being interviewed by Rick Klein of ABC News at the All Star FanFest.  He is talking about a few of the items in the auction and showing them off from the display cases they are in. 

They talk about Walter Johnson items including some nice photographs.  And they also show a large collection of original photos that were used for the artwork in the T205 set.  It was very cool seeing some of those images. 

They also talked about some Mel Ott items that were consigned by the Ott family.  One interesting note was the photo of Mel accepting a War Bond Popularity Contest certificate with a cow behind him.  David had no idea why the cow was there.  If you do know, please share it with me in the comments.  I'd love to know why the cow was there.

Enjoy the hobby's a cool one.

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Shauna said...

Thank you for including the video. Have you heard of Hunt Auctions before this? Are they known in the sports collectable community? You have a lot of knowledge about vintage baseball cards.