Thursday, August 2, 2012

T206 BLUE Old Mill Back at National

This is Amazing!  There has been a discovery of a BLUE Old Mill backed T206 at the National Convention this year.

Old Mill backed T206's come with either black or brown.  Until now.  Apparently there is a blue one at the National this year.  This is a first to the hobby and has never been seen before. 
I was very skeptical when mention of it was made on the message boards today and patiently waiting for pictures to show up confirming it.  Several folks stated they had seen the card and that it was legit, but myself and others were still thinking it might be a joke.

Then they said it was at SGC getting graded and hopes began to rise.  Still skeptical, I waited for the pics.  Then, behold, they showed up.  And here they are (borrowed from those posted on Net54).

Not only is it the first and only Blue Old Mill backed T206 known, but it's HOFer Ed Walsh.  I'm still a little skeptical even though it's been reviewed by SGC and was given their seal of approval.  How can't you be?  How could this have never been seen before and then all the sudden an example shows up after this long?  And of course, it's a Hall of Famer. 
It certainly looks real.  And from the posts on the message board, several advanced collectors who saw it said it was a real T206. 
But maybe it's a re-backed one.  Maybe someone used a chemical to change the color slightly and gave it a blue tint to a regular Old Mill back.

In any event, SGC slabbed it and labelled it as "Blue Back" on the flip (I know it's hard to see in the image, but it's on the third line on the left).  I guess that's enough for me for now.

Let's see how long it takes for a second example to show up.  Maybe a collector or two have some hidden away and they just never showed the masses.  Maybe now they will come forward since an example has been authenticated and graded by SGC. 

Any way, I hope you liked finding out about this new discovery.

Enjoy the hobby's a surprising one.

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