Monday, April 26, 2021

Recent Pick Ups

 Mail Day!  My buddy Phil dealt me six more E98 including an upgrade and a couple Myers.

I'm about as close as I'm going to get to completing the E98 set now.  I just picked up four new players, and upgrade and a dupe.  

I've got all the commons at this point and ten of the HOFers.  Of the remaining HOFers I should be able to get the Lajoie and the Collins, but I don't see me getting the Cobb, Wagner, Young, Mathewson or Walsh any time soon.  Walsh is a tough card in the set, so while I may be able to afford him, he'll be tough to find in my price range.

So, here are the new pick ups...

First off is my Joe Tinker upgrade.  My other one can be seen in past posts where I showed my progress and it was full of paperloss on the front.

If you look closely you can see the overprint of the back on the front of this one.  If this was a T206 that would be really special, but I'm not sure if it is as special on an E98.  I think it is of course. 

Next up are the two Chief Meyers cards I picked up.  Obviously one red and one orange.  The red is the keeper for the set as the orange is skinned meaning the back is missing.  

Then another tough common from the set, the Tenney.  I'm really liking the blue background cards from this set.  The orange and blue are my favorites.  

Then another toughie, and another blue one.  The Coombs.  This one may be a little trimmed, but it counts all the same.

And last but not least is Hall of Famer Hughie Jennings.  This makes number twenty three in my set.

Here is the set as it stands today.  I'm very happy with it and would like to still upgrade a few including the Chase.  But, I'm not going to part with the Chase I have as it's a perfect terrible condition Lionel Carter example.

I think the different colors in this set look great together all mixed up like this.  My current favorites are the Brown, Clarke, Vaughn and Mack.  

I hope you enjoyed following my E98 journey as much as I have.

Enjoy the hobby all...It's a great one.

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