Monday, April 5, 2021

Recent Pick Ups - More E98s

 I recently won a lot of E98s in the latest Collect Auction that raises my number in the set to 19 out of 30.

I won four cards, but only needed three of them for my set, so I ended up with one dupe.  I'm very excited with these three new cards.

The first one is Hall of Famer Chief Bender.

This is the only HOFer in the lot, but it's not my favorite of the lot.  The next card is my favorite, the orange Vaughn pictured below.

The E98 Vaughn in a tough card in this set, perhaps the toughest of the commons and I'm very excited that it is an orange example as I really like the orange backgrounds in this set.  This card was where the value laid in this lot.  

The last card I needed for my set was this green McLean.  I used to have a McLean but traded it to a friend who needed it for his set a while back. I'm glad to have one back now.

The last card in the lot was this orange Mullin.  Coincidentally the Mullin I already have is also an orange one but it is a nicer example than this one.  This card will be available for sale or trade in the event you're looking for one.  Just let me know.

Here is the new image of all my E98s as the set sits now.  I think they look great with the three blues that I recently picked up as well.  I'm hoping to upgrade my Tinker as well as (hopefully) land a Nap Lajoie in the near future.  I'll update you when/if that happens of course.

Thanks for sharing in my E98 journey everyone.  I'm really enjoying these cards a lot.  

Enjoy the hobby all...I am.

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Jon said...

Is it known why the Vaughn is so hard to come by?