Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Ultimate Ty Cobb Back Run

A complete Ty Cobb Red Background T206 back run has been completed.

T206 collector Jamie Blundell began his journey on a whim in 2011 when he acquired a Ty Cobb red background with a Drum back. 

In 2013 Jamie saw an image of a Ty Cobb back run with 17 different backs and he decided to put together his own run. He made a checklist of all the backs which came to 30 different.  Some of those backs are extremely rare and would be almost impossible to obtain.  But Jamie started working on it nonetheless.

Over the next 7 years Jamie would chase down card after card.  His second one was the elusive Lenox back making his first two the Drum and Lenox which are both very tough. 

He then plowed through several backs acquiring 22 different examples in 2013 alone.  Including a 1 of 1 Broadleaf 460 back. 

He continued to add cards including a blank back, a Ty Cobb back, and just recently he obtained his final card.  The T214 Victory.  There was a great article about Jamie's journey on the blog that you can read here.  It was written back in Feb. 2017 before Jamie finished his run. 

The story culminates here in a Net54 post when Jamie announces he obtained the final card.

Here is the complete run for your viewing pleasure.

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Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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Jon said...

I'm guessing this fellow's got a little bit of extra income :)