Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Random Card From My Collection

Just wanted to share a random card from my collection.

Here is a typecard from my collection.  It is a 1910-12 M116 Sporting Life of Nig Clarke. 

This set has 287 cards checklisted with 400 total in the master set with variations which makes it one of the larger sets from the era.  They were originally issued in 24 series with 12 cards per series and were sold that way.  The original checklist in the ACC was at 288 for this reason, however only 287 have been confirmed.

 There are three types of backs on these cards and they were issued in different series.  My example is a Type 2 back.  Examples of the three types of backs are shown below.  As you can see, Type 1 can come in either blue or black ink. 
Image courtesy
The card fronts are all portraits of the players and many of them share the same images as was used in the T206 set.  The backgrounds of the portraits can come in pastel or blue colors.  Not all cards come with both color backgrounds though. has a checklist of the 400 different variations in the master set here.
Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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