Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New Purple Number Back Stamps

I've been collecting these T206s with this particular type of back stamp for years.

And they just never come up for sale anywhere.  Well, a fellow T206 back stamp collector located these for me recently and I was able to pick them up.  He picked up one of them for me when he saw it and then I was able to get the other one. 

Here is Ball with the number 81 on the back.  This is a very nice clear stamp as well. 
And Sweeney with a 142 on the back.  This is the highest number I've ever seen on one of these purple number stamps. 
These back stamps always have a lot of pencil writing all over the backs as well.  I have no idea what any of these numbers, pencil notes, etc. mean but I just love the numbers.  Like I said, they never show up for sale so I'm just thrilled to have them. 
Enjoy the hobby all...however you like it.


Jon said...

I haven't seen these before, but I can certainly see why you are so enamored with them! It's a shame that no one knows if there is some sort of meaning to these stamps, or at least if there is some sort of story behind them.

Andy H said...

Hi Jon,

I have about 25 of them now. Like I said, they just never show up that I see. I've been collecting them for over 15 years now. If any of you see one, please let me know!



Unknown said...

Hi Jon,

I have become quite interested in T206's with any sort of unique legible stamp on the reverse, i.e. names, dates, letters, etc. Fortunately, I've had the opportunity to pick up several over the last year. And yes, I know I'm in my infancy in this endeavor! If you'd like to discuss further I'd love to hear from you!