Sunday, July 7, 2019

New Pick Ups

There was talk on Net54 recently about relic cards and whether prewar collectors also collect relic cards of prewar/vintage players.

There was some debate about the idea of cutting up a truly rare jersey to include in these cards and some felt it was ok while others didn't.  I'm not sure how I feel about the cutting up of Babe Ruth jerseys or Ty Cobb bats.  But what I do know is that I'm totally ok with the cutting up of modern player jerseys and bats. 

So I recently picked up a few game used cards for my collection and I'll share them here.

I've liked Mark Teixeira since early in his career with Texas and have a few of his relic cards.  So when I'm looking for new jersey cards or bat cards, I often search for his cards.  Well, I picked up these two recently and I like them both quite a bit.  Neither broke the bank either.

I'm also a SF Giants fan and like to pick up Giants cards from time to time, so I picked up this Evan Longoria Jersey/Bat card too.  I used to live in the Bay area and really fell in love with the team during that time.
Then my favorite of the recent pick ups is this sweet 2004 Timeless Treasures Cal Ripken Jr. home and away jersey card.  I really like the design of this set and when Timeless Treasures were new I was drawn to a lot of the designs.  Not all of them, but this one I really like.
And you can't go wrong with a Cal Ripken Jr. card to be honest.  I think I got it for a great price too which made me even more excited. 
So there are my newest pick ups.  I know, they aren't prewar or even vintage, but I like them all the same and sometimes I do talk about modern parts of the hobby. 
Enjoy the hobby's a great one.


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