Sunday, May 6, 2018

W572 With Red Tint

I have had this card for some time now and a semi recent post on Net54 about colorized 1939 Play Balls reminded me of it.

I've always really liked the W572s for some reason.  I like the images, the fact that so many of them were terribly miscut by kids back in the day, the difficulty of completing the set, etc.  There are cards for both Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb in the same set. 

My card here is a common of Jack Smith, but it has red tinting applied to it.  Here are a couple examples of the 1939 Play Balls from Net54 with the colorization.


This red could've been added by the factory for some reason or by a collector after the fact, but it seems odd that red is the prevalent color used if it was after the fact.  The Stengel has blue as did another card on the message board.  But red seems to be the main color. 

Here is my W572 example.

What do you think guys?  Looks legit to me in person.  You can see the red tint in the sleeves and near the back pocket.  And clearly in the hat.  Let me know if you have ever seen any other W572s with color tinting.
Enjoy the hobby's a colorful one.

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