Thursday, May 24, 2018

Recent Pick Up

Ok, Ok, I know, it's not baseball...

...But I just picked up a sweet card that I'm pretty psyched about.  It's an E79 Scrappers boxing caramel card.  Why am I so excited to have it you may ask?  Well, this one has a very rare red back as opposed to the regular black back that the set normally has. 
According to Adam Warshaw's boxing cards website these red backed cards are very rarely seen.  I happened on this one on eBay recently along with two other red backed cards.  The other two subjects were Stanley Ketchell and Abe Attell.  I would've loved to have gotten the Attell but I wasn't fortunate enough to get him.  I was very happy to land this one though. 
The seller didn't make any mention of the backs of these three cards being the rare red back versions.  In fact the Attell was even mislabeled as an E77 instead of an E79. 
The seller did have several E77s also and they all went for way more than I thought they would considering their condition.  I recently picked up an E77 for a best offer of $3.50.  I know that's a steal and I was excited about that one too, but these ones that were in similar grade to the one I got all sold for over $100.  But I digress...
I never thought I would find a red back E79 to be honest.  I'd never seen one before a couple weeks ago.  I knew they existed, but never saw one.  I've only really been passively collecting the set for a little over a year but I did collect the horizontal cards from the set years ago.  So I've been looking at them for years now. 
I'm not too concerned about the condition being what it is either as the examples on Adam's website are in equally bad condition leading me to believe that just finding an example is tough enough let alone finding a nice condition one. 
This one had the best back of the three on eBay in my opinion also and since the back is the big deal I thought that was nice too. 
I hope you like this new pick up as much as I do.
Enjoy the hobby's a colorful one.

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Kin said...

Had no idea there are caramel boxing cards. Thanks for posting!