Monday, May 28, 2018

TPG Pedigree Labels

In some cases, third party graders (TPG's) put a pedigree label on a flip.

There have been many different pedigree labels placed on grading flips by the TPG's.  Some examples are the Rudy Strejc collection, the Collector's Collection, The Skydash Collection, etc.  What is a pedigree label?

A pedigree label is a label on the flip, or the grading label, that states that the card is from a specific collection.  For some collectors having a pedigree gives more value to the cards.  It can add more confidence that a card was not altered since it was part of a certain hobby pioneer's collection or because it was part of a former players collection like the Robin Roberts collection or the Harmon Killebrew collection. 

Well, I have a some pedigreed cards and I find them some of my favorites.  Mine are from hobby pioneers Lionel Carter and Frank Nagy.  And I'm psyched to own them.

My Nagy is a boxing card which is part of the E78 set.  The E78 set is supposed to be a tough set also.  So not only was I happy to get an E78, add to that the fact that it was previously owned by hobby pioneer Frank Nagy and you have a super cool card.  I don't even care that it has three punch holes in it.

The other two cards I have with pedigrees come from the Lionel Carter collection.  Lionel Carter was a great hobby pioneer who was friends with Jefferson Burdick, the writer of the American Card Catalog.  Lionel had a wonderful collection that was sold in 2007 by Mastro.  He lived until he was 90 years old in 2008. 

My two examples come from the two prewar sets of 1933 Tattoo Orbit and the 1910 E98 sets.  The Tattoo Orbit was given to me by a hobby friend when I told him how cool it was and explained who Carter was.  He said he thought it was better served as part of my collection since it meant more to me than it did to him.  Amazing huh?  I was floored. 

The E98 I picked up off of eBay and was stunned I got it for what I did.  I don't remember that many of Lionel's cards being of so bad condition, but this one is cool.  I love this pose of Chase so it was even cooler than just any other Carter card when I picked it up. 

So what cards do you have that were once part of someone else's pedigreed collection?  And do you even care about the pedigree?  Some collectors don't care about the pedigree, but I find it pretty cool. 

Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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