Tuesday, July 3, 2012

T206 Wagner With A Backstamp

As some of you may know I collect T206s with stamps on the backs of them.

I also have a project called The Great T206 Backstamp Project where I am documenting as many backstamps as I can find.  It is an interactive project and I welcome everyone to participate if you have any T206s with stamps on the back.

There is a link to my project in the sidebar but you can also access it here.

This T206 Honus Wagner sold in the May 2012 REA auction for $651,750.  The last time this card surfaced in the hobby was back in 1997 when REA auctioned it off then.  It is stamped with the date "Oct. 16, 1909" which is the date of the last game of the 1909 World Series between the Pittsburg Pirates and the Detroit Tigers. 

Now I know I'll be able to add a Wagner to my stamped back collection some day.

Please check out my project and help me out if you can.  I'm in the process of moving the website to a new location also and that will go live in the next week or so.  It will have much more flexibility in the number of pages and images I'll be able to add.

Enjoy the hobby all...it's a great one.

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