Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Great T206 Back Stamp Project

I've finally got my new site up for The Great T206 Back Stamp Project.

If you have never seen the project before, it is a gallery of all the different back stamps I have found on the backs of T206's.  I also get images that other collectors send to me from their own collections.  I encourage anyone to participate in the project by emailing me images of your stamped back cards to and I'll add your stamps to the site. 

I've been working on the project on and off for the last several years and have a nice collection of images on the site with many more to add still.

I'm currently collecting T206 commons only if they have a back stamp on them.  I'll pick up Hall of Famers with or without a stamp, but commons must be stamped for me. 

My favorite type is this purple number stamp and I have quite of few of these in my collection so far.  I've also documented many more that I don't own. 

Here are some other examples from the project.

Please check out the project here and take part in it if you can.  I always appreciate when collectors send me images of their stamped cards.

Enjoy the hobby's a fantastic one.


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