Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Amazing Find!

Well we just finished learning about "The Black Swamp Find" where 700 E98's were found in Ohio and now there has been another find called "The Southern Fairway Find".

Image courtesy Sports Collectors Daily

This find was found in the southeastern US and was in the family for three generations collected by the orginal owner as a kid when the cards were issued.  This find is highlighted by several cards, but most notably by an astounding 42 T206 Red Hindu backed cards.

The Red Hindu back is an extremely rare back in the T206 set and a find of this many in one collection is amazing.  Included in the Red Hindus is two Ty Cobb red portraits.  Previously there has been one of these combos and it's in a PSA 4 holder.

The PSA 4 is believed by many advanced T206 collectors to have been re-fronted and not an authentic example of this combo.  They believe that an authentic Red Hindu back was taken from a different player's card and then an authentic red portrait Cobb front was joined with it to make a Ty Cobb red portrait with the Red Hindu back.  With the discovery of these two new Cobbs it has been now documented that this combo does in fact exist. 

Also found in this grouping was two new examples of Shoeless Joe Jackson's T210 Old Mill card.  These are new to the hobby.  These cards are very coveted by advanced collectors due to their rarity and the fact that they are such an early card of Jackson.

I'd like to thank our supporters over at Sports Collectors Daily for this story and you can read the whole thing on their site here.

Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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