Thursday, June 26, 2008

T206 Magie on eBay

One of the Big4 is currently listed on eBay and at $11,000.00 it still hasn't reached the reserve.

The T206 Sherry Magie (Magee) error card is one of the hardest cards to acquire in the T206 set and cards of this stature are not usually put on the auction block of eBay but someone has decided to roll the dice with this one.

There are several reprints of the top dog, Honus Wagner, on eBay everyday and occasionally there is a reprint Magie, but this one is the real deal. This example has been graded PSA3 VG and it does look nice.

I know of one sale for a PSA1 at $7,900.00 (at least that was the asking price and it has been declared sold) and that one had a very nice front. What brought the grade down was paperloss on the reverse. That's not a big deal to me.

I'll be very interested to see if this one meets reserve and at what level the final bids will reach.

Enjoy the Hobby....


Anonymous said...

Small world. That PSA 1 Magie with the good front, but major paper loss on the back was originally mine. I sold it to the guy who sold it recently.

Andy H said...

Thank you so much for your post. Do you happen to still have a scan of the back of this one? I didn't save one when the auction was live. Also, even though the auction didn't reach the reserve, what's your opinion of the closing price: was it on par with what you might have thought, or no?

Jen said...

I found this card but it is worn. I don't know if it is an original. It has the same picture on the front and the misspelling but on the back where the "Sherry "Magie" Value $6,000.00 1910 tobacco Card" is Red. What should I do if its an original?

Andy H said...


The back of the card shouldn't mention anything about the value of the card if it is authentic. There have been many reprints made of this and many other t206's, some of them made to look very real dishonestly and many were clearly labeled or made to be clearly not authentic. I believe I know what card you are talking about and it is most definately one of the reprinted ones. I will post of scan of the one I own soon so that you can compare to yours.

Thanks for reading my blog and I promise, I'll be posting more soon.

George said...

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.

drea sybille said...

i have a mispelled ty cobb tobacco card. it has only 1 "B"...spelled ty cob.has anyone heard of this error card? contact me at put cob in subject line