Monday, July 7, 2008

Pics of the Week

Here is a new idea for the blog everyone. I'm going to put up a few pics related to the players and times (and the game of course) that are depicted on the cards we love.

Each week, I will pick a few images that I find on the web and share them with whoever is checking back with me here. I love these old photos of baseball back when it was all about the game, not the money or endorsements. Back when Ty Cobb would hide the ball in his pants after a dirt cloud slide into third, and while everyone was looking for it he would race home for a run. Back when Fred Merkle forgot to touch second and Johnny Evers knew it.

So without further adieu, I present the first Pics of the Week...

April 23, 1915, League Park, Cleveland, Joe Jackson sliding, Jimmy Austin is playing 3B, George Hildebrand is Umpire

Tris Speaker, September 28, 1912

One of my favorite players - Hal ChaseHal Chase, N.Y. Highlanders 1B - 1911

What a character this guy was...Rube Waddell, St. Louis Browns' P, 1908-09

Please feel free to let me know if there is any player you would like to see a picture of and I will try to accomodate you. I hope this is a well received idea and I hope the people that I am borrowing images from don't mind. None of the images are mine, so I'm certainly not taking credit for them.

Enjoy the hobby all...

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