Monday, June 9, 2008

Kards for Kids Project - Part 2

Well, it seems it is harder to do a good thing than I had originally thought.

Background: A couple months ago, I agreed to take a couple hundred sets of 1983 & 1984 Indy car race driver cards for free with the promise of donating them to children somehow. I was thrilled with the chance to put some smiles on kids' faces. Even if the cards weren't the hottest, newest things around, I would think kids would be happy to just get them for free and look at them. I know I would have been when I was a kid.

So, that said...

I have tried several local children's charities and a children's hospital and none of them would take free cards to give to children. There must be some kind of rediculous red tape that prevents them from accepting this sort of thing, but honestly, is this that wierd of a request?

I was expecting someone on the phone to say, "Cool, yeah send them over, we'll pass them out, no big deal, thanks a lot". I'm now looking at other avenues to try to get these sets into the hands of little kids. If you know of any children's charities near you, please give me their contact info and I'll contact them. Also, I'm thinking of maybe doing my own fund raising in my area that involves giving the cards to kids somehow and then making a cash donation to a charity. I know they won't turn that down, and the cards will still end up in kids' hands.

Got any ideas? I'd love to hear them. Email me or leave a comment please. I'll keep you all updated as this continues and let's all hope that it ends well. Thanks for any help.

As always, enjoy the hobby, it's a good one.

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