Sunday, October 6, 2019

Recent Pick Ups

Having picked up a lot lately, but here are a couple pieces I recently got.

First up is another E98 Hall of Famer of Roger Bresnahan with a red background.  I love the E98 set and am always excited when I pick up a new card from this set.

The E98 set comes with either red, green, blue or orange backgrounds. 

The next item I recently picked up is this really cool early 1900's cabinet photo of a baseball team with "Mayflower" on their jerseys.  It's a little rough, but I think it's just so cool and am thrilled to have it.

They have their kid mascot in the front row and the picture has bats, gloves, a catchers mask and the guy in the middle is holding up a baseball.  I like the ump behind the fence in the background too.

Well, those are my recent pick ups folks.  I hope you liked them.

Enjoy the hobby's a great one.


Jon said...

That photo is really fantastic! Hopefully either you'll be able to find out more about it through some research, or someone else will be able to help identify it.

Andy H said...

Thanks Jon. Yeah, I really like it a lot. I did a quick google search for Mayflower baseball club and found a bunch of stuff on current high school baseball. Unfortunately there is nothing written on the back so I don't know where the team is from.