Friday, January 18, 2019

E94 Set Overview

E94 is usually identified as a George Close Candy Co. issue.

This is because in rare instances the cards can be found with an advertisement for some form of George Close candy product stamped on the reverse.  These stamped cards are very rare however and most E94s are found without the stamps. 

There are 30 cards in the set with each card having a solid color background.  The background can be found in one of six colors including, red, blue, olive, green, purple or gold.  It is believed that each player can be found with each background color.


As mentioned earlier, some of these cards come with different stamps on the backs.  Here is a gallery of the different backs,  There are currently ten known stamps.  Below are the known backs.

This is where the set gets it's name, George Close Candy".  Each of these ads (except the Blome's Chocolates) ad is from George Close.  Without these stamps the backs look like this.

The back on the left is a regular E94 back and the one on the right is an M131 Baltimore Newsboys version.  There is a separate closely related set of Baltimore Newsboys cards that have the exact same images and checklist as the E94 set, but all have blue backgrounds. 
Here is the checklist of the E94s:

  1. Jimmy Austin
  2. Johnny Bates
  3. Bob Bescher
  4. Bobby Byrne
  5. Frank Chance
  6. Eddie Cicotte
  7. Ty Cobb
  8. Sam Crawford
  9. Harry Davis
  10. Art Devlin
  11. Josh Devore
  12. Mickey Doolan
  13. Patsy Dougherty
  14. Johnny Evers
  15. Ed Grant
  16. Hughie Jennings
  17. Red Kleinow
  18. Nap Lajoie
  19. Joe Lake
  20. Tommy Leach
  21. Hans Lobert
  22. Harry Lord
  23. Sherry Magee
  24. John McGraw
  25. Earl Moore
  26. Red Murray
  27. Tris Speaker
  28. Terry Turner
  29. Honus Wagner
  30. Cy Young
Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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