Sunday, October 21, 2018

Recent Pick Ups

A couple of Rubes joined my collection recently.

I was very happy to have picked up these two W519-1-1s.  These are the black numbered versions of the W519s.  Type II's (W519-2) do not have numbers and are all blue backgrounds.  The W519-1-2s have blue numbers instead of black and are harder to find than the black number type I's. 

First up in Rube Benton who pitched for the NY Giants when this card was produced in 1920.

Next up in one of my favorite prewar players, HOFer Rube Marquard who was pitching for the Brooklyn Robins in 1920.
I hope you like these two new strip cards as much as I do.  The W519s don't show up as often as some of the other strip sets so I was happy to get these two.
Enjoy the hobby's a great one.

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