Thursday, October 11, 2018

Recent Pick Ups

I recently raised my Kraken number by two points with the addition of these two beauties.

Nothing crazy but I'm very excited to have finally picked up an E90-1 Rebel Oakes.  I've always considered this card one of the best looking cards in the hobby and a must have.  A true classic in my opinion.

I've always liked how Oakes' glove breaks the border at the top of the card.  Another tough card from the set, the Jerry Upp card, also has this characteristic.  Only on Jerry's card it's his butt that breaks the left border of the card.  Another classic card in my view as well.
The next one I picked up was this trimmed (at least I'm pretty sure it is as it's very short top to bottom and has a wavy bottom edge) Blankenship.  I like the solid blue background on this one. 
So what exactly is a Kraken number?  I can hear a bunch of you asking this question and feel I should explain.  The T206 set is affectionately known as "The Monster".  So in the caramel card world, the E90-1 set has been dubbed "The Kraken" by some collectors. 
A Kraken number is your score on a scale of points related to the level of difficulty of obtaining the different cards.  This is all explained, talked about, and collectors are reporting their scores in this thread on here.  Below is the list of the points for each card that total 250 for a complete set. 
20 Joe Jackson

10 Tris Speaker
10 Honus Wagner (throwing)

7 Hugh Duffy
7 Mike Mitchell
7 Honus Wagner (batting)
7 Cy Young (Cleveland)

5 Fred Clarke (Pittsburgh)
5 Ty Cobb
5 Willie Keeler (red background)
5 Jake Stahl
5 Bill Sweeney (Boston)
5 Ed Walsh

4 Peaches Graham
4 Christy Mathewson
4 Eddie Plank
4 Cy Young (Boston)

3 Bob Bescher
3 Patsy Dougherty
3 George Gibson (back)
3 Harry Howell (wind up)
3 Ed Karger
3 Willie Keeler (throwing)
3 Addie Joss (throwing)
3 Nap Lajoie
3 Tommy Leach (throwing)
3 Hans Lobert
3 Larry McLean
3 Dots Miller (sunset)
3 Orval Overall
3 Dave Shean
3 George Stone (left hand showing)
3 Jerry Upp

1 each for the rest of the 88 cards

A complete set of 121 would thus be 250 points
My Kraken number is only 12 (will be 14 when I get the two cards I won in the recent Brockelman Auction) but I'm having fun collecting the set and seeing my number (slowly) go up.
Feel free to post your Kraken number in the comments and on Net54 if you have any.  We need more people reporting in their numbers!
I hope you liked my recent pick ups as much as I do.
Enjoy the hobby's a great one!