Saturday, June 30, 2018

T205 Stanage Miscut

There was recently a very cool miscut T205 on eBay.

For several years there has been interest in T206 oddities like miscuts, scraps, double names, etc. 

The phenomenon hasn't been as big of a deal with T205s for some reason.  At least I haven't seen as many instances of oddities with the T205 set. 

But recently on eBay there was a very miscut example of a T205 Oscar Stanage.  This card was miscut top to bottom with the entire ad on the reverse cut off the bottom and printed on the top of the card.  The front, of course, was just as miscut as the back. 

This is a very cool mistake that I would love to own myself, however the ending price was a bit out of my range.  This particular card ended at $1,136.11.  Is this a strong price for this card?  I don't know as there aren't a whole lot of T205 oddities to compare it to. 

I do know that there was a miscut T206 Knight with a similar miscut that sold in a 2015 Robert Edward Auctions auction and closed for $4,500.  This is a comparable common miscut card from the T206 set, although the Knight was a little better condition.

But this goes to show that the T206 oddities command a bigger premium than the T205 oddities.  That shouldn't be much of a surprise to you though.  The T206 set is much more widely collected and popular.

You can search T206 miscuts and find several other examples as well.  There is even a nice Cy Young example out there.  That one sold for $10,400 back in 2014. 

Enjoy the hobby's a cool one.

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