Wednesday, May 21, 2008

W553's - Good eyes guys

Well, I don't have pic (and I'm still upset with myself for not saving one), but a nice little scrapbook was sold on eBay this evening and inside were 10 very nice looking, and quite rare, W553's. Included were Frisch, Goslin, O'Doul, Simmons, Gehrig, Ruth, Cochrane, Grove, Grimes and Hornsby. Could you ask for a better 10?

With only 15 subjects currently catalogued, this is a significant new addition to the hobby. These cards are all, arguably more rare than the super awesome coolest of cool T206 Wagner. (read with some sarcasm obviously, but still true)

I had a snipe on this lot too, by the way. The biggest snipe I have ever placed on a lot on eBay and it didn't even register. The lot sold for $1,683.09. The seller's last 50 or so lots averaged about $5 - 10, so this might have dropped them to the floor when the ending came and all the snipes finally hit.

At first I was a bit dissapointed that I didn't even come close to the lottery here. But as I thought about a little more, I was just happy that I had seen these cards, knew what they were, and knew that there was a gem to be had this night. And I am now pleasantly content knowing that there were others who saw them, but they just had bigger pockets.

Once again, another reason I love this hobby. These little moments of excitement are hard to beat sometimes. Enjoy the hobby everyone.

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