Sunday, May 4, 2008

Recent Pick-Ups

Here are a few cards that I have recently picked up...

I've always wanted this card because of the colors and the period cather's equipment, escpecially the mask. It always seems to sell for a premium since it is a 150 only series card and so many people want it. I was able to pick this one up for a wonderful price due to big paperloss of the reverse. But the front is a stunner in my opinion.

I have just started to pick up some Batter Ups and I really like them a lot. I always thought they were much larger than they really are. They are actually small cards. I like the many different poses and the different player selection of this set due to the different time period. They are from 1934 - 36. Here is the Cramer example.

Here is another horizontal card for my collection. I love horizontal cards and have just recently put the 6 card T206 subset together. This one is an E92 Dockman Davis.

And the final pick up for this post is a T213-2 Coupon card. This set is a tough one to complete. I'm pretty sure that this set will take off in the future. HOFers are already selling for big money, but I don't think there is as many people actively working on the set for the other cards to be worth what I think they should be worth. I try to pick these up whenever I can get one for cheap. This one was very inexpensive because it is a skinned example. You wouldn't know it by looking at the front though, and it looks great on the front. Condition isn't that big of deal for me.

That's it for know folks. I have some more stuff coming in the mail in the next couple weeks, so I'll have another Recent Pick-Up post pretty soon.

Enjoy the hobby everyone, it's a good one.

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