Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Recent Pick Ups

It's that time again to share my recent pick ups.

I recently picked up a couple more T205s for my set.  Nothing groundbreaking here, but still a couple steps closer to the finish line.

The first one is this Louis Evans with a Polar Bear back.  Even though the backs aren't as ornate as the T206 backs, I still like the Polar Bear backs in the T205 set.  And I like the bios and stats more than just a large ad for smokes. 
 One part of his bio that I really like is where it says, "He is a good waiter, and was granted 78 passes in 1910".  I've never heard of a batter being called a waiter in reference to getting walked.
The second T205 is that of J. Clyde Milan of the Washington Senators.  I like the designs of the American Leaguers in this set much more that the National Leaguers.  I think that because I first started collecting just the NY Giants from T205 I got bored of the National League design and now when I pick up an American Leaguer I am much more pleased. 
The back of Milan's card also states something I've never heard before in that "he also pilfered 44 bases" in regards to his stolen base tally.  I like that, pilfered. 
Anyway, those are my most recent acquisitions and I hope you enjoy them.
Enjoy the hobby all...it's a great one.

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