Monday, September 1, 2008

Card Shops

Well, I've been back in Jersey for about a month and have already found two local card shops and another store that has some cards but mostly vintage toys and kids stuff from the 70's and 80's.

Not a whole lot of vintage cards to be found however. The oldest were 50's Topps, which I do like, but nothing prewar. I didn't really think I would find any prewar stuff in a card store although I always ask the owner just in case. I actually had a guy in Colorado once look at me like I was an idiot when I asked him and he asked me to name some cards that I was talking about. When I rattled off a bunch of sets he just said no and went back to talking to his regular customer about shiny new stuff.

I really like card shops, even if they don't have a lot of vintage stuff. I do collect more than just prewar cards and I can find some things in local shops that I want. I'm working on a 1954 Topps set, 1975 Set, 1981 Set and several other regionals, but I can also always pick up supplies from a local shop and I just like to chat with the owner's and be around cards. If you're addicted like me, then you know what I'm talking about.

I do have to ask the question, "Why are so many card shops such cluttered messes?" Seriously, one of the shops near here looks like it was once a big bustling city made of sportscards and supplies (and mail?) that was recently bombed and hit with rockets and now looks like it is in ruin. Completely unorganized piles (or piles that have toppled) of cards on top of random half full boxes of supplies next to old issues of Beckett... You know what I'm talking about. If you ever have, or currently do, own a shop and it was like this, please let me know why. I'm very curious. Rest assured though that the mess does not bother me at all, I rather enjoy the hunt through it all to find the one 1975 Topps card that I can use for my set buried under a bunch of basketball cards.

If you are near any card shops, please support them and give them some of your business. I know that better deals are found elsewhere a lot of the times, but local card shops are a great thing and I feel that part of being active in the hobby, and making a contribution to it, is supporting the local shops. So let them know how nice it is to have them around and thank the owner for being there.

With that, enjoy the hobby all, it's a great one...


dinged corners said...

Was that card shop you mentioned south of Denver? Sure sounds familiar. :)

This is a very enjoyable blog.

deal said...

I found a card show near my place outside of Philadelphia. It is pretty decent condition from a neatness perspective. but it is stuff with stuff more memorabilia then cards. I am going to try and make periodic stops there. There are some deals but mostly I am in for supplies.

Andy H said...


I hear you when it comes to shops having a lot of memorabilia and not a lot of cards. It must just be what pays the rent these days. But hey, as long as they have something I can use, or even just barely use, I like to support the local guys.

Keep the hobby alive everyone.


Andy H said...

dinged corners,

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. I used to go to a shop near Denver called All C's or Three C's or something like that. Big store with tons of comics and a decent vintage selection. Ever been there?